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"One of the Best Fish Fries I have had "
One of the best fish fries i have had in this area .. ever!   So light and perfect.  You order at a register and they bring you the food.  They also sell fresh uncooked fish of all sorts.  Really lovely atmosohere when I went with my family there was a large uh.. older population but I totally recommend this to anyone.  Also very nicely priced :-) - Nicole M.
"I Definitely Recommend Hayes"
I ate here with my dad when home in buffalo. The food is great! So fresh and perfectly prepared. We started with the manhattan clam chowder and he ate the broiled haddock while I ate the blackened mahi mahi special. It was delicious and the asparagus and double baked potato were also prepared quite to my liking. The informal dining style was relaxing even though the food quality was high end. I definitely recommend Hayes.
- Louise A.
"Haddock and Prawns were Amazing"
I went to Hayes Seafood House last summer when visiting family.  I live in Seattle, which is justly famous for its seafood, so I was not expecting to be impressed by a little place in Clarence, NY.  But Hayes is amazing!  I had the fried haddock and prawns with a twice-baked potato, and was just blown away.  The haddock and prawns were amazing, not at all greasy, perfectly cooked, wonderfully flavorful, and the potato was great.  I also sampled my family's entrees - the broiled prawns, blackened catfish, and another fried dish (can't remember which) - all of which were equally impressive.  

I find myself getting nostalgic for the Hayes fish fry, and am really looking forward to going there again on my next trip home! - Natalie L.
"Perfectly Battered and Fried to Perfection"
The last time I was in Buffalo, we took a family friend to lunch there.  They had fried clams which I love.  After many summers on Cape Cod, it was refreshing to find whole fried clams and not fried clam strips.  The fried clams were perfectly battered and fried to perfection.  The New England clam chowder was great too. Everyone was completely satisfied with their meal and loved the setting.  I think Hayes has to be Buffalo's premier seafood restaurant. - SJ.
"Fresh and Delicious"
I love Hayes! We frequently visit this restaurant in the Summer and Winter, their food is always amazing! I Recommend trying any of their specials or the blackened scallops!
- Froodie123

"The Best Fish Iv Found..."
This place is beyond extraordinary, and I am writing as someone who has a best friend whose family had a venerable fish stand in the Fulton Fishmarket in lower eastside Manhattan,where he literally got calls from around the world starting at 10:30 pm for next days' meals. This is the only joint in Buffalo that understands fresh fish.

The Clarence location has sitdown which is sweet and very casual, an attempt to imitate and recreate northshore Boston (that would be Massachusetts) shackhouses. Done here in a modernized, loft and sanitized version. Nothing romantic, everything twelve star delicious. - PupChen

"Best Fish In The Area"
I'm a New Englander so seafood is part of my genetic make-up. No frills enviroment. Food is great. Moderately priced (you get what you pay for). - Galbert
"Reminds Me of Maine"
We been coming here often since it opened a few years ago. My favorites are the fried lake perch, fried ipswich clams, and lobster roll. The lobster roll is just like the many I've had in Maine, I haven't found them anywhere else in the area. - Kelvin
"They Do Fish Right!"
Have been getting the take-out Friday Fish Fry at the Hayes Fish store on Harlem Road for decades, and their fresh fish for just as long. Familiar faces are behind the counter all of the time. They do fish right! - Elaine


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